Staking.World was created by a team of PoS crypto-coin fans and was designed to make Proof of Stake coin gains possible for anyone. Who we are Each of us had its coins and as with a larger amount of coins, it was realized that it would be possible to receive coins in a smaller interval (often daily), with this, the idea of the PoS coin pool was born.
In our team, we have experts to analyze the best way to get the most out of each coin, thus maximizing your profits. Welcome to this new opportunity!
Benefits The time to receive the coins is much shorter with us, than when you do stake alone At Staking.World, you get a higher return than you would with stake alone We have no restrictions on quantities for withdrawals or deposits We are transparent, you can at any time monitor where your coins are and the balance that we are managing. You will not have any expenses or fees, referring to the hardware used, or electric energy We argue with the costs and rates of the transactions, either in the withdrawals, or in the coin control of the currencies. We take care of your coins and make them perform to the maximum, without causing you any stress We have an intuitive interface and easy to manage and track your coins
We do not have any extra fees, or administration fees, only 3% of your YELDS on Stake and 5% on Masternodes.
We are ending the activities. Please withdraw your balances by 10/31/2019. More information on the telegram or discord of the pool. ** IMPORTANT ** Do not request an 808 withdrawal to Nova Exchange or Posp as you will lose your coins. Nova Exchange is closing down and the 808 swap will not occur. The balance was sold by doge and the amount credited to your DOGE account. Please request withdrawal. Done ExperiencePoints (XP) Swap, 200:1 Ratio
... Your PoS Cryptocurrency Pool
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Proof of Stake
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